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Gold Mastercard®

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Gold Mastercard®

The perfect card for every day.

The perfect card for every day.

From everyday purchases to balance transfers, the FLAG Mastercard has you covered.

Consolidate your payments.

Make debt management easier when you transfer the balances from your higher-rate credit cards to your FLAG Mastercard. You get one easy payment and one low rate.

Shop safer online.

If you experience a data breach with a retailer you can easily report the fraudulent activity without allowing access to your checking account.

Have peace of mind while traveling.

It’s a good idea to have emergency funds to fall back on when you’re on the road. If you're limited to only what's in your checking account you might wind up in a pinch.

Product Details

  • No annual fees
  • Low-interest rate 
  • Credit limits of up to $15,000
  • Easy balance transfers and cash advances

Credit Card App

The FLAG CU Credit Card app allows you to quickly access all the services needed to manage your credit card from anywhere.

  • View your recent and pending transactions
  • View your next payment amount and due date
  • Make a payment to your card
  • Set your card for Travel
  • Temporarily block your card to avoid fraud or control usage
  • Report a card lost or stolen
  • Activate your Credit Card
  • Initiate a dispute on any transaction

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9.25% - 18.00%
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