You’re engaged? Congrats!

Now, how are you going to pay for your wedding?  We have a Go Fund Me Account for that!

Make the most of your wedding gifts with MatriMoney. MatriMoney is an interest-bearing savings account that allows individuals to give monetary gifts to the bride and groom.

Let those gifts add up and enjoy your big day!

Account Benefits

  • For every $500.00 received in gift contributions, FLAG will give you a wedding gift of $25
  • A free 1 year subscription to Brides Magazine or Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine
  • Visa debit card (available with a checking account)
  • MatriMoney registry cards to place in shower or wedding announcements
  • Gifts may be made by electronic transfer, debit or credit card, or by mail at our main office.
  • Your FLAG statement will list the names of those who contributed, so it’s easy to send thank you notes.

Interested in having the perfect wedding?

Complete a membership application online or at our office. We’ll provide you with your registry cards and you’ll be on your way to wedding bliss!

Disclosures: MatriMoney accounts are joint savings accounts that are available to couples planning to be married. Only one MatriMoney account per couple is permitted. The MatriMoney account must be opened 120 days prior to the wedding date. A marriage certificate must be presented within 30 days of the wedding date to receive the matching incentive. The maximum incentive, not to exceed $250.00, will be deposited into the MatriMoney account. In the event the wedding is canceled, the matching incentive will be forfeited. Once the marriage certificate is presented the MatriMoney account is transferred to a regular savings account. Must qualify for a debit card. Please refer to our Deposit Account Agreement & Disclosures for full details.