We offer an array of investment products – not Federally insured – through Members Financial Network


We offer traditional, Roth, and Cloverdale IRA accounts. We also offer Coverdale Education Savings Accounts.

Certificates of Deposit

FLAG Credit Union offers 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, and 36-month certificates of deposit.

Members 18 years of age and younger can open a Certificate of Deposit with a minimum balance of $250.00. They will also earn an additional .01% for each birthday they have reached, with a maximum addition of .17% above our standard rate.

*An early withdrawal penalty may be assessed for early maturity based on the term.

To view the most current dividend rate on the certificate of deposit, view our deposit rates.

Money Market Account

The money market account offered through FLAG Credit Union requires a minimum balance of $1,500.00, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $100.00. You are limited to three withdrawals per month and may make unlimited deposits. 

The dividends earned are posted to the money market account on the last day of each month.

To view the most current dividend rate for the money market account, view our deposit rates.