Freedom Loan

Tired of having too much credit card debt?
Tired of owing everybody and their brother?
Let us help you reduce your debt, one bill at a time!

  1. Move your smallest debt to our Freedom Loan. Pay your normal monthly payment and every time you find an extra dollar, pay it to the Freedom Loan.
  2. Move your next smallest debt to your Freedom Loan. Pay your normal monthly payment + the monthly payment you made on your first Freedom Loan + any extra dollars you find.
  3. Continue the process until all of the bills, you are sick and tired of paying, are paid in full.

No, we don’t expect you to get out of debt totally, but we want to help you see that less debt causes you less stress, which will make life a whole lot easier!

The interest rate on this loan is based on your credit score and will range between 6.50% – 18.00%APR*.

For current terms and rates, head to our Rates Schedule.

Call and/or email us today. We can help!

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate