Fee Schedule

Effective date 12/06/2018

Bill Pay, OnlineNo Monthly Fee
Bill Pay, Online - Next Day Check Payments$18.00
Cashier's Check Fee$4.00*
Closed account, within 90 days (Savings, Club, IRA)$10.00
Club Account, closed before 10/01 for Christmas Club and 4/01 for Vacation Club$10.00
Visa Debit or Mastercard PIN replacement$5.00
Visa Debit or Mastercard Replacement$10.00
Visa Debit or Mastercard Replacement - Rush$50.00
Deposit returned fee: (ACH, checks, etc.)$32.00
Garnishment Processing$30.00
Gift Card, Visa (Minimum amount of $10.00 up to $1,000.00 maximum)$3.00 per card*
Home Banking (Free downloadable Quicken file or Excel Spread sheets)No monthly fee
Inactive Account Fee (No activity within 5 years)$25.00
Insufficient funds and/or Courtesy Pay (checks, ACH, Visa Debit card, etc.)
(We can use your actual/current or available account balance to determine if you have an overdraft***)
Levy Processing$30.00
Loan Extension (Non-real estate) the fee applies to each loan an extension is done for.$25.00
Loan Extension (Real Estate) the fee applies to each loan an extension is done for.$75.00
Loan Processing fee, First Time$10.00 (one time fee)
Mail, Overnight fee$30.00
Mail, Overnight for Saturday delivery$45.00
Mail, Returned fee$5.00
Membership fee$5.00
Money order fee$2.00*
Notary ServicesFee Free
Photocopy of a check$5.00
Photocopy of a previous savings/checking/credit card statement or listing of current savings/checking/credit card activityFree in Home Banking and View & Pay MasterCard or $10.00
Reconciliation/Research Fee$20.00 per hour
Returned Deposits (checks)$32.00
Safe Deposit Boxes 3 x 5; 3 x 10; 5 x 10$25.00; $40.00; $55.00
Self-Service Coin Machine UsageFree to members
8% of total count for non-members
Stop payment fee (occurs when placed) A Stop Payment is only in effect for six months. In order to continue the stop you must renew it in writing$32.00
Teller check payable to someone other than yourself.$2.00*
Temporary Checks$2.00 per page of 4
Transfer Fee If an item (check, ACH, automatic debit, Visa Debit card transaction, etc.) is presented for payment and there is not enough money in your checking account to pay that item, the computer will automatically withdraw money (enough to cover the item plus the $5.00 fee) from your savings account to pay the item.$5.00
Western Union Wire Fee5% of wire amount or $20.00, whichever is greater
Western Union International Wire Fee5% of wire amount or $40.00, whichever is greater
Wire, Incoming$5.00
Wire, International (financial institution to financial institution) Before 12:00pm$40.00
Wire, Outgoing (financial institution to financial institution) Before 2:00pm$25.00
Wire, Outgoing (financial institution to financial institution) After 2:00pm$35.00

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*Golden Year members don’t pay this fee.

**If you make a withdrawal prior to the October 1st or May 1st, the account must be closed, with an early closure fee. You will not be able to reopen it until the re-open date of October 1st or May 1st.

***Your actual/current account balance is the amount in your account, with no deductions for items (outstanding ACH, debit, etc. items) that have not cleared your account or deductions for holds on deposits that have not been released.

Your available account balance is the balance in your account less any deductions for items (ACH transactions, debit card transactions, etc.) that haven’t actually been paid from your account or additions of deposits that are on hold.