Mobile Banking

It’s easy to get started and you can make your deposits too!

  • Download the Flag Credit Union Mobile app for Android or iPhone.
  • Select Accounts.

Do you already have home banking? If you do, simply use your home banking log in and password to access mobile banking.

Don’t have access to home banking? Enroll In Online Banking.

Mobile App Deposits – Be aware

  • You must endorse (write at the top of the back of the check) checks being deposited as follows:
    • “For Mobile Deposit Only”
    • Your Account Number
    • “Flag Credit Union”
    • Sign your name
  • You must be a member in good standing to have access to Mobile Deposit.
  • Check holds and delays of availability may apply.
  • Funds deposited when we are closed may not be available until the next business day.
  • Funds are not available for use until the money is visible in your account.
  • Do not destroy or write on checks you deposit until 7 business days have passed from the date you deposited them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

Security Protection Layers:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps reassure to the member it is the correct Application and reassures the Application it is the correct member this is accomplished by:

  • Requiring the device be registered before accessing member account.
  • Member is prompted MFA question when registering a new device.
  • Strong Passwords:
    • Password compliance is done at time of enrollment and after login authentication to ensure it meets the strong password requirements.

Temporary Files: 

No member sensitive information is stored on the phone with the exception of login id.  If the member chooses the option to save the Login Id, it is stored in a secure cookie.

Monitoring and Testing: 

  • Applications monitor 24/7/365 for suspicious and malicious activity to stop threats, to prevent data loss, and to log activity.

Vulnerability and Penetration tests are performed during the year to ensure the applications and configurations are properly secured.

  • Strong firewall rules exist between User Interface Server and Data Access Server to minimize unwanted threats.
    • Specific hardware configurations are utilized to further mitigate unwanted threats.
  • Strong firewall rules exist between Data Access Server and the Credit Union Transaction Server to minimize unwanted threats.
    • Proprietary communication mechanisms are utilized to further mitigate unwanted access.
  • Application is regularly reviewed and thoroughly tested.
    • To ensure no failures will result in server access where scripts and commands will disclose configuration and member sensitive data.
    • To ensure the source code will not disclose configuration and member sensitive data.