Deposit Rates

Effective 01/01/2019

Rates are set Quarterly by the Board of Directors.
Savings Rates

SavingsDividend RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum/Maximum Balance
Savings Account 0.25%0.250%$5.00
Christmas Club Account
0.30%0.300%No minimum / maximum $5,000.00
Vacation Club Account 0.30%0.300%No minimum / maximum $5,000.00
Swipe & Save5.12%5.219%N/A
Bright Stars0.25%0.250%$5.00
YO! Account2.30%2.320%$5.00
Lincoln Loyalty 2.30%2.320%$5.00
MatriMoney Account 2.17%2.188%$25.00
Money Market Account0.25%0.250%$1,500.00 - $24,999.99
Money Market Account0.30%0.300%$25,000.00 - $99,999.99
Money Market Account0.40%0.400%$100,000.00 and up
Educational IRA 0.35%0.350%N/A
Traditional / Roth IRA0.35%0.350%N/A

Certificate Rates Effective 12/20/2018

Certificates*RateAnnual Percentage YieldTermMinimum Balance**
Certificate of Deposit0.80%0.803%6$1,000.00
Certificate of Deposit1.30%1.308%12$1,000.00
Certificate of Deposit1.75%1.764%24$1,000.00
Certificate of Deposit1.90%1.917%36$1,000.00
IRA Certificates*RateAnnual Percentage YieldTermMinimum Balance**
IRA Certificate0.80%0.803%6$1,000.00
IRA Certificate1.30%1.308%12$1,000.00
IRA Certificate1.75%1.764%24$1,000.00
IRA Certificate1.90%1.917%36$1,000.00

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* An early withdrawal penalty may be assessed for early maturity based on the term.

** Members less than 18 years of age can open a Certificate of Deposit with a minimum balance of $250.00. They will also earn an additional .01% for each birthday they have reached, with a maximum addition of .17% above our standard rate.

For your convenience, the retirement savings calculator can assist you in your financial planning.