24-Hour Audio Response

Tired of Being Put on Hold?

See your transactions, find out what items have cleared on your account, get your balance, etc. 24 hours a day.

Dial either (850) 488-6781 or (850) 458-3524, and select option 1.

Enter your member number and the # sign.

Note: If this is your first time using the system, when asked for your pin number, use the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You may change your pin number after you access the system for the first time.

Want More Options for Audio Response?

Use the Codes Below!

Menu Codes

Number Menu Description
01 Transaction Menu
02 Balance Inquiry Menu
03 Draft Inquiry Menu
04 History Menu
05 Dividend & Interest Menu
06 Other Options Menu

Loan Type Codes

To access your loan, just enter the two digit suffix number. For example: If your loan number is 234-21, you would enter 21

Account Type Codes

Account Description Number
Regular Savings 001 or 003
Auxiliary Savings 02 020 – 024
Auxiliary Savings 03 020 – 024
Checking 105
Money Market 032
Green & Gold Savings 002
Green & Gold Checking 103 or 104
Yo Savings 004
Yo Checking 106 or 107
Christmas Club 010 or 011
Vacation Club 014 or 015
Swipe & Save 109
IRA Share 500
Education IRA 600
Roth IRA Share 700